How To Eat A Cricket


SombreroYes.  You read that correctly.  That does say cricket.  Maybe I’ve watched way too many Bizarre Food’s re-runs on the Travel Channel (though I wouldn’t be inclined to consume anything ‘gelatinous’), but I do enjoy a food challenge.  There’s just something about being a woman and having the bragging rights to say, “heck yeah, I tried that!”  Currently my culinary tasting adventures have included sheep’s balls, black squid ink risotto and monk fish liver.   During my recent trip to Mexico, I tried my first bug.  Cricket is now on the list.

According to my friends in Mexico, crickets are a treat.  The evening started innocently enough with a tequila tasting.  Eh hem.  And since I wasn’t challenged to eat a worm in tequila, I thought I should rise to the occasion when presented with a cricket.  I think the pictures below will speak for themselves.

The tequila tasting was part of a Tweet Trip to Riviera Maya where Hacienda Tres Rios hosted a group of travel bloggers.  Now, Chef Oscar knows tequila like a good sommelier knows wine.  He taught us to swirl it around in our mouth, breathe it in, taste every molecule.  And here I was nervous about reliving some college moments that I’m not too proud of.  I was expecting to lick salt off my wrist and suck down a lime to get through this tasting,  but instead, was intrigued by the sophistication and technique.

I actually learned a few things.  Such as a new toast to replace “one tequila … two tequila … three tequila … floor.”  We did all kind of look around nervously as the number of tequila glasses started climbing up to double digits.  I lost count after 10.  Don’t judge.  I ate the cricket sober.  I swear!  There are at least 6 other Twitter-folk out there that can vouch for my sobriety this evening.

Here’s the new toast I learned …

ARRIBA!  (one tequila)


ABAJO!  (two tequila)


AL CENTRO!  (three tequila)


CUCHI CUCHI!  (floor …)


The tequilas were actually excellent.  I found “my” tequila.  Just like a person finds a wine that they love.  This one didn’t put  hair on my chest and tasted somewhat sweet.  Wonder if I can find it in the States?

After tasting lord knows how many tequilas … we wandered, swayed, staggered … eh, hem … rode the elevator to the second floor for dinner.  Now, after you read all of my self-deprecating commentary below… scroll up and down the remaining photos super quick for the flip-book-like experience.  My videographer friends are thinking, “Rachelle, why didn’t you just shoot video of this event?” Trust me, it wouldn’t be darn near as funny as the following photos …

Here I am ready for an adventure … thinking that just because it’s fried, with sour cream, that I’ll like it.

Cricket 1

Down the hatch … I already look worried.  That’s because my new friend Janice ate the cricket with perfect style and grace.  She didn’t even flinch when the leg popped through her lips.  Of course, she didn’t see the leg.  I did though.  Perhaps that’s the thought going through my mind here …

Cricket 2

This is an, “Oh Gawd!” moment.  An, “Oh Gawd, It would be really awful for me to spit this out.  Not very polite for our hosts.  Plus my new friend Matt is sitting next to me trying really hard not to watch … don’t want to push him completely over the edge and gross him out.  And there is all kinds of other great food coming if …  I … can … just … hold … this … down.  One little cricket.  There is no going back now.  Eeeeeeew!”

Cricket 3

And the flavor sets in.  Gamey.  I might recall this same flavor from eating ants in the playground when I was four years old.  No amount of fried banana and sour cream can cover that up.  I do believe this is what they call “the money shot” below.  Thank you Janice. Thank you very much.  (And a little PS for my new friend Matt … how’s THAT for a non-glamour shot.  LOL)

Cricket 4

Ah ha!  I spared you a leg.  That’s just lettuce on my tongue.  Swear.

Cricket 5

At this point I think I can probably giggle at my initial reaction and handle it.

More Crickets

Nope.  Not handling it.

Even more crickets

Doing hand wave-y thing-y trying to get through it.  Matt is still not looking.

Crickets no more

Apparently it’s an acquired taste.  Pass the tequila now please.

no more crickets

And now for a tequilajito chaser.  Aaaaah … te-qui-laaah!   I do have to say, the rest of the meal was delicious.  Trying the cricket was the most fun though.  Well, until we hit the town in Playa Del Carmen.  But that’s a different story …

(Thank you to @SoloTraveler for having a speedy shutter finger and photographically documenting the full range of emotion experienced here)


a.k.a. TravelBlggr

PS…Hacienda Tres Rios has some GREAT recipes.  They may be a sustainable eco-friendly resort but I assure you there is more on the menu than tequila and crickets.  I have some fantastic recipes I’ll post from them soon.  In the meantime, here’s a pick to drool upon …


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About Rachelle Lucas

Rachelle is a writer, spokesperson, and travel videographer. She believes the best way to learn about a destination is through its flavors and collects recipes from her trips to recreate them here on The Travel Bite. She’s currently the Food and Dining Insider for Visit Florida and was recently named by KRED as one of the Top 50 Travel Bloggers in the world.

As much as Rachelle enjoys traveling and tasting new foods, she also loves to run. She’s completed the New York City Marathon and the Marine Corps Marathon as well at 5 half marathons.


  1. Harry Greene says:

    Hmmm… crickets. Never tried those. You’re a brave soul, Rachelle.

    Had a similar experience with buggy appendages first time I had ama ebi at a sushi restaurant and was presented with the deep-fried shrimp head (antennae and all…) It actually tasted great, but the feet and antennae kept poking back out through my mouth. Grossed out a few other less adventuresome folk at the table with me. I’ve since learned a better technique.

    Sounds like you’re having a great time. Hope to work together again soon.


    • Hello Harry! Great to hear from you! Crickets were definitely not my cup of tea. But I tried! Hope all is well in Tampa. Would love to work with you again. -Rachelle

  2. Great photos! I guess the adage “tastes like chicken” does not apply to crickets!

  3. LOL Kay! Definitely does NOT taste like chicken. But I bet it’d be more palatable covered in dark chocolate. ;o)

  4. OMG, I LOVE these photos! I agree, that cricket was one of the more disgusting things I’ve ever ate. No amount of sour cream makes up for the taste of dirt. And the crunch (shudder). Not to be repeated, no matter how much tequila is on hand!

  5. Maranda says:

    OMG!!! I’m laughing so hard, I snorted!!!!! And I don’t snort. Seriously though, good for you. The only grasshoopper I ever ate was chocolate covered…and I was 10… and it was on a dare…I’ve never recovered.

  6. olive oyl says:

    Oh my God – Get over being such a wimp! I’ve eaten grasshoppers the size of my hand in the mountains above taipei and they hadn’t even pulled the barbs off of their legs and they definitely were not disguised in a teeny taco with sour cream, etc.!!!

  7. It’s really amazing how bed bugs have made a comeback. When you’re a kid, your folks would always say “don’t let the bed bugs bite” but we never understood what they were. Now we do. Ewwwww…….

  8. Thank you for the recipe idea, i will be trying it out this week!. – Joanne

  9. Here is my dads recipe for Grouper with Caramelized Shallot Horseradish Sauce Recipe…Ingredients: 8 ounces shallots, spray grapeseed or olive oil, 1/4 cup white wine, 1/4 tsp salt, fresh ground black pepper, 2 tsp prepared horseradish, 1 tsp honey, 4 4 ounce grouper filets…Preheat the oven to 375°F. Then place the shallots in a small stainless steel or non-reactive sauce pain. Spray lightly with olive oil and cover the pan. Place the pan in the oven and roast the shallots for about 30 minutes. Remove at 15 minutes and toss…After 30 minutes add the white wine, salt and pepper. Return the pan to the oven and cook for 15 minutes. Remove and let cool for about 5 minutes….Place the shallots in a blender or mini-chopper with the horseradish and honey. Puree until smooth…Place a large skillet in the oven and preheat the oven to 426°F….After the oven is at temperature, spray the pan lightly with grapeseed oil and place the grouper filets in the pan. Cook for about 6 minutes and turn the fish. Spread about 2 – 3 tablespoons sauce on top of each fish and return the pan to the oven. Cook for another 5 minutes and enjoy:)

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  11. hey, nice blog…really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work

  12. An awesome piece! Truly shows an amazing different type of night, and brings back memories of my crazier meals. The pics are fantastic :)

  13. Great “play by play” breakdown of the experience there! At least the experience was fun eh. Gunning to be the next Zimmerman ;)

  14. I’ll try almost anything, but draw the line at any kind of bugs! :)


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