On my bucket list … Flash Mobs

Next month, the theme is Buckets Lists!  I’ll be sharing my own list and posting quite a few bucket-list worthy stories from blogger friends.

This evening, I just added one more thing to my list and couldn’t wait to share it … flash mobs.  I want to be right smack dab in the middle of a flash mob some day.  The excitement and positive energy in these seemingly random events is contagious.  I figured it would make a great “Happy Friday” post.

Here are some that made me smile. Comment below and vote for your favorite!

The Australian’s definitely know how to have fun …

Brussels Train Station … for cycling fans …

And who would have known the Swedes were such Michael Jackson fans?

Changi Airport Millionaire Dance

Miami International Airport gets a little ‘Random Acts of Culture’

And perhaps the one that started them all … Liverpool Street Station
Life IS worth sharing, isn’t it!

Have a happy Friday!

Vote below … tell me which one of these flash mobs is your favorite!

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  1. This post definitely made me smile. Being a glamour granny,my favorite is the drag queen on Bondi Beach. What a hoot.

  2. What a fun idea! I’m adding “participating in a flash mob” to my bucket list too :)
    I haven’t seen the one on Bondi Beach before… you’re right, Australians sure know how to have fun!

  3. Has to be Bondi with drag haha. The Aussies definitely know how to switch it up =)

  4. I loved this round-up of feel-good flash mobs! It actually got me onto this kick of looking up as many flash mobs on YouTube as possible;) Your list was definitely one of the better collections of that feel-good vibe! Thanks for sharing. After doing my YouTube searches, I saw the UK supermarket freeze flash mob one, which, although not like the ones posted, was worth a watch, just at how eerie it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4GMXavfKPY&feature=player_embedded

  5. Love these things! Being in one is DEFINITELY on our bucket list! Thanks for sharing these. Such fun!

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