Top 10 Holiday Gifts For Travelers

Screen shot 2010-11-30 at 1.29.19 PMMy family has been asking for my holiday wish list.  It’s a little hard since I pretty much have everything I “need” and what I really want is Peace on Earth, Continued Happiness & Joy, and a really cool travel experience once a quarter for 2011.  All of those things are challenging to wrap up in a bow and fit under a tree.

If you have a traveler that you’re shopping for this holiday season, take a gander at my list below for some some unique things you could add to your list that won’t break the bank.

1)  The gift of good directions … A Compass.  A simple one … or a fancy one.

I got pretty lost on one of my road trips this year sans GPS.  And when people gave me directions saying, “turn West on …” and I started squinting at the sky to see which way the sun is setting … a compass was added to my wish list.

2) The gift of a great tales and stories light enough to fit in a carry on bag … A Kindle or iPad.

I love to read, but being the multi-tasker that I am, usually there are three books on my nightstand with dog-eared pages and bookmarks half way to the end.  Since airlines are starting to really crack down on luggage weight, this enables me to bring a whole library of reading with me under 10 ounces.

3) The gift of flavors from afar delivered right to the front door … Exotic Fruits.

My favorite souvenir shopping spot is the local grocery store since you can always find some unique flavor that is unavailable at home.  Chocolate, candies, jams and spices are usually easy to pack and save for later, but fruit is something you have to enjoy on the spot.  Here’s a way to bring those fresh flavors home.  (Like the tasty Dragon Fruit I had in Mexico … Mmm.)

4) The gift of renewal for tired jet lagged eyes … An Eye Serum.Screen shot 2010-11-30 at 1.22.17 PM

I received this as a gift earlier this year and it has been a life saver.  At first I wasn’t too sure about it because it kind of smells like carrots.  But it really does feels soft and works wonders on fine lines and tired eyes.  A must-have after a long flight.

5) The gift of a good read … A Handcrafted Journal.

As if an unlimited number of books loaded up on the iPad or Kindle are not enough, re-living a fascinating adventure is sure to put a smile on any home-sick traveler’s face.  I actually met the artist that crafts these journals in person when she came to the Mount Dora Craft Fair in Florida.  What I loved about them is that each journal is as unique as the personal stories that can be written inside.

6)  The gift of fragile luggage … An Ornament.

Besides groceries, the other item on my souvenir list is always picking up an ornament from every place I’ve been.  And this is one way to enjoy the look and fragility of vintage luggage without having to schlep it through TSA.

7) The gift of style … A Passport Cover.

Italian leather passport cover?  I’ll take one of each color please …

8) The gift of being organized enough to go through TSA unscathed … A Messenger Bag

On most flights, I feel like I could use an extra set of hands. Photo ID in one hand, laptop in the other, shoes and luggage being pushed along by my bare feet, and ticket clenched between my teeth.  A bag that I can conveniently throw over my shoulder and toss all the goods in after getting through security is a must.

9) The gift of good coffee … A Travel PressScreen shot 2010-10-28 at 3.58.48 PM

Because hotel coffee sucks.  Period.  Even if there is room service available.  A plastic travel press is heaven in the A.M.  Now, just don’t forget to pack the coffee …

10) The gift of inspiration for future adventures … An Experience.

Travelers like to pack light.  So instead of burdening them with more “stuff,” try an experience instead.  Such as … getting behind the wheel of an Aston Martin, sailing away into the sunset on a schooner, or becoming a chef for a day.  I’ve had a lot of fun perusing the possibilities after stumbling this site and I look forward to checking off a few of my bucket list items here!

And for the stocking stuffers …   Screen shot 2010-11-30 at 2.11.12 PM

  1. Sassy Luggage Tags
  2. Airplane Bingo
  3. A disguise
  4. Stitching Postcard
  5. Foldable Flats
  6. Paper Tweet
  7. Eco friendly map bangles
  8. X-Ray … for carrying your laptop thru TSA
  9. Cleansing towelettes
  10. Solid Perfume
About Rachelle Lucas

Rachelle is a writer, spokesperson, and travel videographer. She believes the best way to learn about a destination is through its flavors and collects recipes from her trips to recreate them here on The Travel Bite. She’s currently the Food and Dining Insider for Visit Florida and was recently named by KRED as one of the Top 50 Travel Bloggers in the world.

As much as Rachelle enjoys traveling and tasting new foods, she also loves to run. She’s completed the New York City Marathon and the Marine Corps Marathon as well at 5 half marathons.


  1. Great suggestions! Passport covers are the best. :)

  2. A lot of good ideas, but I definitely want the Paper Tweet notepad! ;)

  3. Great Ideas! Just the inspiration I needed to “get shopping”

  4. Great list! On the hunt for a fab passport cover now.

  5. Great ideas – I would prefer the passport cover!


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