Top Gun House in Oceanside

Top Gun House

There is an adorable historic beach cottage right in front of the pier in Oceanside, and it’s known locally as the “Top Gun House.”  I’m a sucker for history.  And sexy movie landmarks.  I think I was too young to see Top Gun on the big screen, but I still remember it from my teenage years.  This is the house where Tom Cruise rode up in a motorcycle, sporting a sexy leather jacket and aviator shades, sunset creating a dreamy backdrop against the palm trees.  The song, “Take My Breath Away” starts to play and it literally does just that.

The historic landmark and movie site is right in front of the pier in Oceanside, it’s a little run down and it’s fate is still unknown.  The last article I found online written about it was from 2005.  I’ve heard that they’re going to incorporate it into a new hotel development on the property.  It would be a shame for them to demolish it.  I hope it remains for future travelers and movie fans to see.

A little nostalgia anyone?  Watch this clip from the movie …

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