Delta Comfort Plus Review


I fly Delta Comfort Plus quite a bit, and I gotta say, the upgrade is worth it for international flights.

From the extra legroom, to the gourmet snacks, and the power outlet under the seat, it’s a lot like having a cozy little office in the sky.

First things first, when flying Delta, download the Delta App.  It has won awards for being one of the most helpful airline app available.

The Delta App will show your itinerary, track where your luggage is to-the-minute, notify you of gate changes or cancellations, allow you to choose your seats, and more.

When it comes to extra legroom, they don’t skimp. You can see that the Delta Comfort Plus seats are a bit wider and more cozy than economy.

In Delta Comfort Plus, you’ll get upgraded amenities like free billboard earbuds and a refresh kit with an eye mask, foam earplugs, travel toothbrush, and sample-sized toothpaste.

Delta Comfort Plus included a great list of recently released movies, television shows, and even a few series from HBO.

The in-flight snacks are definitely an upgrade compared to most airlines. And the drink choices did have a bit more variety.

But the vegetarian lasagna I had for dinner during my international flight was a bit like a frozen microwaved meal.

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