Easy Patatas Bravas: Spanish Fried Potatoes Tapas


Patatas Bravas is an EASY to make Spanish tapas dish of bite-sized fried potatoes fried in olive oil and drizzled with salsa brava.

Patatas bravas are typically served in bars as a tapas dish throughout Madrid and southern Spain. Every country seems to have their own version of fried potatoes as bar food, and patatas bravas are one of Spain’s most popular tapas dishes.

Most of the bravas we tried in Spain were more on the savory side rather than hot and spicy. My recipe for patatas bravas sauce includes tomatoes and is more smoky and sweet.

Some restaurants will also serve patatas bravas with aioli, a creamy garlic sauce. In the United States, aioli is usually just garlic flavored mayonnaise.

To save time and make these a bit healthier, I chose to bake the potatoes instead of pan frying them. By baking them, you can also make a larger batch to serve as an appetizer when entertaining friends.

For the salsa brava, you can choose between smoky paprika, hot paprika, or regular paprika depending on what flavor profile you prefer. Or if you want, make all three!

Top potatoes with a pinch of parsley, drizzle with both sauces, and serve!


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