Fall Inspired Sangria with Apple Cider


For this sangria recipe, I use one part wine, one part cider, and one shot of whiskey. So for a one liter bottle or carafe, that turns out to be 2 cups of wine, 2 cups of cider, and one shot of whiskey.

You can use either red or white wine to make this fall sangria. Don’t pick an expensive bottle since you’ll be mixing the wine with other ingredients.

– 2 glass carafes (for serving) – 1 bottle wine (white or red) – 1 half gallon apple cider – mulling spices – whiskey or bourbon – apples – cinnamon sticks – whole cloves – whole star anise

Look for mulling spices that are pre-prepped in individual tea bags. This makes it easy for measuring how much spice you’ll need. An autumn or cinnamon flavored tea will also work well.

And for white wine, go for something dry like a Chardonnay that will pair well with the sweetness of the cider. You need a bold wine to keep the flavor after we manipulate it with some sugar and spice.

For this sangria recipe, I prefer to use a carafe instead of a pitcher so that it is easy to store and transport. If you don’t already have a funnel, purchase one. They’re inexpensive and will make pouring liquids into a carafe much easier.

No sangria is complete without fruit! For a fall sangria, I add one sliced apple, a pinch of whole cloves, a pinch of star anise, and 4 to 5 whole cinnamon sticks.


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