How To Build A She Shed Office


With both my husband and I working from home now since the pandemic, having separate offices at home has become a necessity. Which is why I built a she shed office in our backyard!

Our backyard is huge, but once we learned about our county set back requirements (the distance we could build from the lot line), that shrunk our available building space quite a bit.

With our tropical weather in Florida, we wanted to have a more definitive foundation. We considered a concrete slab, but with the rise of concrete costs, we chose a gravel bed instead.

When sketching out the layout of your shed, think about the placement of furniture, windows, and any shelving or storage you’ll need.

Talk to a professional electrician and talk about how many outlets you would like to have on both the inside and the outside of the shed.

Air conditioning is a must have. Especially if you’re building a she shed office where you’ll have a computer and other electronics. We chose a mini-split air conditioner.

Whatever you spend on your shed build, double that for the total cost of finishing it out. For example, if it costs $12,000 to build your shed, the overall cost will be around $24,000 to have it completely finished inside.

Overall, from start to finish, it took 3 months. I signed a contract with Tuff Shed at the end of December and the shed was move-in ready with lights on at the end of March.

Head to our blog to learn more about our she shed and the whole building process!