The BEST Gin and Tonic Recipe


Gin and tonics are my favorite cocktail. The aromatic botanicals awaken the senses and are so refreshing over ice.

While a gin and tonic might be a simple drink to mix up with only two ingredients, there are a lot of variations depending on the type of gin, the quality of the tonic, and a variety of aromatic garnishes.

If you’re new to gin and tonics, you’re in for a treat. This classic cocktail is also known as a G&T, and in some parts of the world it’s simply known as a gin tonic.

Gin and tonic water actually pair well together and taste better mixed than they do individually.

In order to enhance the flavor and aromatics of the botanicals used during the distilling process for gin, get creative with your gin and tonic garnish.

To make the best gin and tonic, pick a gin with botanicals that you enjoy, pair it with a quality tonic, and garnish with more than just a lime.

EXAMPLE GIN & TONIC GARNISH COMBINATIONS – Pink Grapefruit and Rosemary – Orange Slices, Thyme, and Black Peppercorns – Cucumber and Mint Leaves – Strawberry and Basil – Orange Peel, Ginger Slice, and Star Anise

Contrary to some trends to use a traditional highball glass, the best glass to use for a gin and tonic is one with a wide opening to really enhance the fragrance of the botanicals.


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