Take a Tour of Bodie State Historic Park!


Bodie State Park (also known as Bodie Ghost Town) in California is the site of a former gold rush town that was abandoned in 1926.

Visitors can explore buildings dating back to 1859 or hike trails through the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Bodie is definitely worth visiting, especially if you love history and good stories! Walking through it, you can’t help but imagine the dusty duel shootouts and saloon brawls.

While the main church is iconic and right near the entrance when you walk in, definitely wander through the rest of the city. Here are a few of our favorite sites and a peek inside some of the buildings.

Schoolhouse: Frozen in time, you’ll see some of the student’s final lessons on the chalkboard, old maps, dusty books, and an old flag and jack-o-lantern.

General Store: Imagine shopping for goods and groceries during the gold rush! It’s neat to see what dusty boxes remain on the shelves, including one for Ghirardelli chocolates and vanilla for baking.

Miller House: Inside the entrance to the Miller House with the fireplace and seating area, decaying chairs, and peeling wallpaper.

Morgue and Funeral Home: The morgue isn't open to walk through, but you can peek inside the windows. Seeing the small child-sized coffins was both sad and creepy. This is the kind of scene where ghost stories are born.

Wheaton & Hollis Hotel: In its heyday, Bodie was a wealthy town. So you'll notice some of the first electricity lines on the outside of buildings and operator telephones like the one pictured here.

Saloons: There are several saloons still in Bodie. It's fun to look inside and imagine the card games, brawls, and other stories. If only the walls could talk.

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