Thai Red Curry Noodle Soup


Khao soi is a coconut based curry with egg noodles, chicken (sometimes beef), green onions, shallots, and a squeeze of lime. It packs a whole mouthwatering bite of umami that makes it memorable and comforting.

Khao soi tastes like a rich, slightly spicy coconut curry broth that’s just bursting with flavor.

Throw in some tender noodles, and then top it all off with crunchy fried noodles, shallots, cilantro, and a wedge of lime for that extra zing.

Here are the special ingredients you will need: – red curry paste – yellow curry paste – yellow curry powder – fish sauce – chili pepper in oil – egg noodles

Here are a few more ingredients: – chicken thighs (remove skin and bone) – coconut milk – chicken stock – shallots – sugar – green onions – limes

After tweaking this khao soi recipe during several test runs at home, I’ve finally got the flavors right using a crock pot to give it that slow simmer.

Serve with a side of shallots, lime, and pickled mustard greens. Add small amounts of chili oil to individual bowls to increase the spiciness to your own taste.


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