Easy Affogato Recipe: The Best Italian Dessert!


An affogato is an Italian espresso-based dessert and includes ice cream and espresso. Here's a simple affogato recipe and tips for how to make one!

The name affogato translates to “drowned” in Italian since the gelato is drowned in espresso. And what coffee-lover wouldn’t want their ice cream drowned in coffee or espresso?

An affogato is an Italian espresso-based dessert. It's typically a scoop of vanilla gelato topped with a shot of hot espresso. Kind of like a mini root beer float, but with espresso.

Some affogato recipes also include a shot of liqueur such as amaretto. Which would make it the perfect after-dinner sweet! We love having them after lunch when we need a pick-me-up to finish the work day.

Here’s the beauty of affogatos. They’re both hot and cold. It’s simply ice cream topped with coffee, creating a tasty combination of different textures and temperatures as it melts into a creamy cool coffee drink to sip once the ice cream has melted.

To make an affogato drink at home, here are the instructions: Brew espresso in a moka pot or espresso machine. Add one scoop of ice cream to each serving cup.

Slowly pour espresso down side of cup until cup is full. Serve with small biscotti or cookie and enjoy!


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