Autumn Apple Smoothie


This apple smoothie is my favorite breakfast when I want something healthy, but I’m in the mood for sweets. It’s a blend of apples, oatmeal, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg that tastes like apple pie. It’s heavenly!

Personally, I like crisp, sweet apples to make apple smoothies. Varieties like Gala, Jazz, or Honeycrisp are best.

Here are the ingredients you'll need: apple, oatmeal, banana, pie spices, milk, and maple syrup.

I also like to add a little protein to make it more of a meal. For that, I include walnuts to enhance the pie-like flavor. And dairy-free collagen protein.

Once all the ingredients are washed, sliced, and measured, add everything to your blender, cover with the lid, and blend on high for 45-90 seconds until smooth.

The resulting apple smoothie will have the color and flavor of some of your favorite apple treats. Only this is a bit of a healthier version with oatmeal, collagen protein, and a bit of sweetener.

Serve with a slice of apple, fun smoothie straw, and enjoy!


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