Easy Cucumber Sandwiches


Cucumber Tea Sandwiches, a refreshing British tea tradition, are simple to make. But here are a few special tricks to make it easy to assemble and delicious.

First, wash and peel the cucumbers. Then slice the cucumbers thin using a mandolin slicer.

Remove the crust from the bread with a sharp knife.

Spread a thin layer of mascarpone cheese on each slice of bread. You could use cream cheese or butter instead of mascarpone, but I personally think mascarpone is the perfect spread for a cucumber sandwich.

Add a thin layer of cucumbers (6-9 slices) and sprinkle the cucumbers with a pinch of salt.

Add a top slice of bread and then cut the sandwich in half diagonally, creating a triangle shaped cucumber sandwich.

When planning to host a traditional afternoon tea at home, it's best to plan for 3-4 half sandwiches (a triangle) per person. If there are other sandwiches and sweets served along with the tea, it might be a little less. But cucumber sandwiches are a popular tea favorite.


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