Easy Air Fryer S’mores


Air fryer s’mores have to be the easiest treat … no campfire required! Now, of course I love s’mores by the campfire. But by making s’mores in an air fryer you can enjoy them at home any time of year.

Hershey’s milk chocolate bars are the classic chocolate of choice to make s’mores. They are just the right size for a hot toasted marshmallow to melt.

You can get creative using different types of chocolate candy (perfect around Halloween) or even nutbutters or spreads like Nutella. One tip I will give, if you use a thicker candy bar, cut it in half so it is only about a quarter of an inch thick.

Nutella is GREAT on S’mores. Here’s a tip: even if you’re using another kind of chocolate, dab a little half teaspoon of Nutella or chocolate hazelnut spread on each graham cracker.

Then add the marshmallow and air fry. The Nutella helps keep the marshmallow in place when the fan inside the air fryer blows hot air around.

Different air fryers heat differently, especially depending on their size and wattage. Set the temperature to 390. Then, I recommend starting at setting the time for 3 minutes and adding more a minute at a time if the marshmallow isn’t toasted to your liking.

You’re looking for a bit of browning or color on the marshmallows as well as their shape to puff up a bit. Remember, they’ll be super soft even though they don’t look gooey.


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