How to Make a London Fog


As the days get colder and the nights become longer, nothing quite beats a warm cup of London Fog to top off your evening.

This deliciously creamy concoction of Earl Grey tea, steamed milk, honey and vanilla extract is sure to make any day feel like a piece of delicious cake!

Earl Grey Tea Bags or Loose Leaves: The star of the show. Earl Grey, with its black tea base infused with bergamot, gives the London Fog its distinct flavor.

Steamed Milk: Achieving that perfect frothiness is key. Use your preferred milk – whether it’s whole milk for a creamy texture or almond milk for a nutty plant-based twist.

Vanilla Syrup: A sweet touch that elevates the drink to a whole new level. You can either buy it or make your own by simmering equal parts sugar and water with a splash of vanilla extract.

Hot Water: To brew that Earl Grey tea to perfection.

While the London Fog originated in Canada, its popularity has spread globally. You can find unique interpretations in cafes from Tokyo to Toronto. It’s a testament to the universal appeal of this comforting concoction.


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