Light & Refreshing Hugo Spritz


A Hugo Spritz is made with Elderflower syrup or liqueur, Prosecco, and a splash of sparkling water.

It can be made differently depending on if you want it more light (syrup and Prosecco) or more boozy (liqueur and Prosecco). You can even make this into a mocktail if you’d like by simply using the elderflower syrup and sparkling water.

Initially, the spritz was an Italian/Austrian creation in the 1800s. Visitors to Venice were not used to the strength of the local wine, so they started to request a “spritzen” (a bit of water) to lighten it up a bit.

Later, bitters, such as Campari, were added to the spritz. And now you can find other types of spritz including the limoncello spritz, and the Hugo Spritz.

To make a Hugo Spritz, fill a wine glass with ice. Pour in one to two ounces of elderflower syrup. Next, pour four ounces of Processo.

Top with a bit of sparkling water. Finally, garnish with fresh mint and a slice of lime or lime wedge.

Of course, you can customize this cocktail to your preferred taste with either more Prosecco, or by using an elderflower liquor.


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