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Celtic Cross Scotland

Seasonal Recipes

Jetlag Juice Green Smoothie-8

Jet Lag Juice Green Smoothie

I travel frequently, so in-between trips and meeting writing deadlines, I like to drink my breakfast or lunch in a smoothie form.  It's fast … [Read More...]

Liscombe Lodge Salmon And Oatcakes-3

Nova Scotia Oatcakes

Pete and I just returned home from our road trip around Nova Scotia and the first recipe I can't wait to share is one for Nova Scotia … [Read More...]


Recipe: Lemon Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Instead of the Cali-style breakfast of fresh mixed juices characteristic of LA culture, I was lured into something a bit more indulgent: … [Read More...]

Travel Tips

Plane Pack 2

3 Simple Ways To Survive A Long Flight

Do long flights hold you back from booking the trip of your dreams?  They shouldn't.  I actually prefer longer flights to cross-country … [Read More...]

photo 2

5 Ways To Keep Your Stuff Safe While Traveling

Previously, I wrote some tips about keeping your home safe while traveling. But, what about your stuff that you take with you on the road? … [Read More...]

Cappuccino with chocolate shavings

A Guide To Ordering Coffee In Italy.

Coffee is pretty much  ingrained in the culture here in Italy and I've been fascinated by the different styles offered of my favorite … [Read More...]

Food Tours

Harvesting the rice fields in Chiang Mai.  Credit:  Rachelle Lucas

Exploring Thailand’s Rice Terraces

I’ve had my fair share of rice while traveling. From arroz con pollo in the Caribbean to sweet mango sticky rice in Thailand. Curious about … [Read More...]

Rachelle Food Tour Orlando

VIDEO: A Guided Food Tour Of Orlando

Orlando might be synonymous with theme parks and franchises, but you might be surprised to find there's actually a ton of culture to be … [Read More...]

Rachelle and Pete at NAHMBS

His-N-Hers Weekend In Charlotte

It is entirely possible for a husband and wife to find balance and spend equal time doing things they both love during a trip.  Pete and I … [Read More...]