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Carnival Chef In Kitchen
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Carnival Chef In Kitchen
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Seasonal Recipes

Liscombe Lodge Salmon And Oatcakes-3

Nova Scotia Oatcakes

Pete and I just returned home from our road trip around Nova Scotia and the first recipe I can't wait to share is one for Nova Scotia … [Read More...]


Recipe: Lemon Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Instead of the Cali-style breakfast of fresh mixed juices characteristic of LA culture, I was lured into something a bit more indulgent: … [Read More...]

Overnight Oats With Chia And Berries-5

Recipe: Chilled Berry Summertime Oatmeal

I'm one of those strange health nuts that loves having oatmeal for breakfast.  But it's just a little to hot in the summertime to enjoy a … [Read More...]

Travel Tips

Plane Pack 2

3 Simple Ways To Survive A Long Flight

Do long flights hold you back from booking the trip of your dreams?  They shouldn't.  I actually prefer longer flights to cross-country … [Read More...]

photo 2

5 Ways To Keep Your Stuff Safe While Traveling

Previously, I wrote some tips about keeping your home safe while traveling. But, what about your stuff that you take with you on the road? … [Read More...]

Cappuccino with chocolate shavings

A Guide To Ordering Coffee In Italy.

Coffee is pretty much  ingrained in the culture here in Italy and I've been fascinated by the different styles offered of my favorite … [Read More...]

Food Tours

Palm Beach Food & Wine Festival 14-12

Foodies, Add This To Your 2015 Calendar Now — Palm Beach Food & Wine Fest

I know there are dozens of 'top 10' lists for the new year recommending the trendiest places for travel and food in 2015.  Some of them have … [Read More...]


A Taste Of Winter Park With Orlando Food Tours

It's always fun when I get to be a tourist at home (especially when it involves food), so I was uber excited to test out Orlando Food Tours … [Read More...]

German Food Porn-17

German Food Porn: 15 Photos That Prove It’s Not All Sausage And Beer

I have waited entirely too long to post this. As I read my notes for German travel tips and edit photos this week from my trip to Germany … [Read More...]