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Welcome to The Travel Bite, a food and travel blog for inspiring active culinary vacations!  If you love travel and food, history and culture, and a bit of outdoor fun too, then you’ve come to the right place. Our goal is to help you plan your next culinary vacation and temp your tastebuds with a few globally inspired recipes.

The Travel Bite – A Food and Travel Blog

Conversation, laughter and bonding over food is the common denominator that brings people together in every region and culture.  My fondest memories of travel are always those created sharing wine around a dinner table, huddling by a street cart vendor, or crammed elbow-to-elbow in a small mom & pop diner.  That is why my most prized collection of travel souvenirs are my recipes.  Here on  The Travel Bite, you’ll find these recipes as well as helpful travel tips and “bites” of information to help you plan your next getaway. Be sure to stay up-to-date by subscribing via RSS or Email.

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The History

I’m frequently asked how I became a food and travel blogger, and I have to confess it was sort of by accident.  After working in marketing for the banking industry, I traded in my power pumps and suits for flip flops and jeans and swapped my downtown office for a set of cute cottages in the town of Mount Dora, Florida.  I had realized my dream of becoming an innkeeper!  There was only one problem, I couldn’t cook.  But that soon changed.

As a member of the local lodging association, I found an opportunity to trade my marketing savvy for cooking lessons.  One unbearably hot summer, our inns were empty so all of us got together to brain storm marketing ideas over a refreshing pitcher of iced tea. Or maybe it was wine?  It had to be wine, that’s what really gets the creativity flowing.  Anyway, the idea of blogging came up and since I was the youngest person in the room … and most people in our small town thought that blogs were for teenagers and insomniacs (little did they know!), I became the designated blogger.  After that meeting, the blog Innside Story was born.  It was here that I shared stories about our local inns, traveling all of 3 blocks to each our town’s b&b’s and staying the night (which was kind of weird, but fun, being so close to home) so I could write about the experiences.

I updated the blog with ‘slice of life’ style of stories to give readers a glimpse of what it was like to be an innkeeper.  This included everything from town events, tips for housekeeping and laundry, and delicious breakfast recipes.  It was through working with the other innkeepers, many of whom are retired chefs, that I learned to cook (prior to that, I had a reputation for setting the house on fire just by making toast).  Sharing our love of food and conversation must have worked well because visitors started coming to town asking, “Is Rachelle a real person?  We love the blog!”  Our success even lead to taping a pilot for a TV show, Inn The Kitchen.

What I enjoyed the most about the whole experience were the stories, sitting down over a cup of coffee and hearing travel tales from the innkeepers as well as the many travelers that crossed our path.  Today, the cottages are sold and I’ve moved back to the city.  But my love for food, travel and sharing stories has remained.  And that’s what you’ll find here on TheTravelBite.com.


Founder & Editor:  Rachelle Lucas

Rachelle LucasRachelle believes the best way to learn about a destination is through its flavors and often collects recipes from her trips and recreates them here on The Travel Bite.

As a former innkeeper, Rachelle learned to cook by practicing with chefs she met while spending 3 years managing social media marketing for multiple bed & breakfasts. Since then, she’s also had the opportunity to work with Visit Florida, the Travel Channel, HSN and the syndicated morning show, Daytime TV.

Rachelle’s been recognized 5 times as one of FoodBuzz.com’s Top 9 Featured Publishers, was named one of the Top 50 Most Influential People In Travel on Twitter, and Axis Magazine named her one of the Top 20 Coolest People in Orlando.  She was also named one of the 13 Twitter Personalities to follow in 2013 by Elliot.org.

You can connect with her on Twitter as @TravelBlggr.

Contributor:  Pete Wallace

Pete WallacePete Wallace was born a leftie but transitioned to being right-handed in his formative years.  As a result, he blends creativity and imagination with precise and descriptive storytelling through narratives and still and moving images.  It also makes him a great multi-tasker since he’s ambidextrous.

His passion for storytelling has been fostered and honed in his professional life as a faculty administrator and transition counselor at the University of Central Florida. He continues to travel and explore the world in his quest to further define and describe the human condition.

When Pete’s not working or traveling, you’ll most likely find him on his bike.

Connect with Pete on Twitter as @DrivenByPete.  

You can read more of his posts here on The Travel Bite here: Pete Wallace.  You’ll also frequently see Pete’s name in the photo credits.