Milk Tart

Milk Tart (melk tert in Afrikaans) is a popular South African dessert flavored with sugar, cinnamon, and cardamom.  It has a custard-like texture, creamy flavor, and reminds me of sweet quiche in a flaky pie crust.

I tried it (and loved it!) several times while traveling throughout South Africa, from fancy fine dining establishments to homemade versions at picnics out in the bush.  While staying at Umlilo Lodge in St. Lucia.  Es, the innkeeper there, was kind enough to translate the recipe from her Afrikaans cookbook and give me a copy so that I could try it at home.

It was a big hit among my friends and family during the holidays and I enjoyed savoring the leftovers for breakfast with my morning coffee.  It’s quite easy to make and I’ve included the recipe below with both US and metric conversions for the ingredients.  Make this and serve it with some Amarula Hot Chocolate, and you’ve got a pretty authentic South African dessert.

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  1. Looks delicious, looking forward to more recipes from your trip. I’ve done a great job in the eating department but still no idea how the majority of it is made. #Yum

  2. Am hoping you will have the Buddy Stew recipe on that you were cooking on the Daytime show March 8, 2012, featuring the South African cooking Safari and Cuisine

  3. Yummmmy…I love South African milk tart, you make it look so easy to make!! Will try this recipe at home…thanks for sharing, Rachelle!!

  4. Great! thank you, can’t wait to try the tart and the stew! Enjoyed watching you on the show, hope you return soon

  5. Yummy!Finally here’s something for vegetarians! Seems I better stick to desserts. They’re nice-looking, delicious, exotic and mouth-watering! I just need a cup of coffee after that!

    Rahman Mehraby
    Travel Marketing Blog


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