5 Great Breakfast Recipes for Valentines Day

Wondering what to make for your sweetheart this Valentines Day?  Breakfast in bed is the ultimate in starting the morning being pampered.

Here are 5 great breakfast recipes for Valentines Day.

HeartFrenchToast21Heart Shaped Stuffed French Toast

Wikipedia’s etymology says the earliest use of the term was in 1660 and was bread fried with wine, orange juice and sugar.  I’ll have to give that recipe a try!  After doing a little more digging through Google, I discovered in French it is actually called “pain perdu” which translates into “lost bread.”  It was a popular recipe in many countries, not just France, as a way of making stale bread palatable.  The English call it “gyspy bread” and I think I’d like to adopt that term from now on … sounds like breakfast with an adventurous edge!  (Read More … )

cheddareggstrudel1Cheddar Egg Strudel with Spinach Cream

This savory and filling breakfast is a creation of the Rabbit Hill Inn located in Lower Waterford, Vermont.  It’s a simple, quick and elegant recipe that would  make a perfect savory pairing with the heart shaped strawberry stuffed French toast for romantic Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed.  And speaking of romance and Rabbit Hill Inn, Peter Greenburg said, “Your room could act as an aphrodisiac,”  and Cooking Light Magazine stated they had, “sensual amenities to set the mood.”  Whoa.   (Read More … )

ChocoRaspMuffins23Chocolate Raspberry Muffins

If you ever wanted dessert for breakfast, and felt a little guilty popping a single Dove’s Promise’s Dark Chocolate piece to melt on your tongue with your morning coffee … then I have wicked solution for you.  A muffin.  Because even though it’s chocolate, the fact that it’s a muffin still makes it breakfast.  And since the stores are filled with pink hearts, chocolates and forget-me-not’s, I thought this treat would make the perfect cupid’s arrow  … either for your Valentine’s heart or your own.  (Read More …)

BerryFrenchToast27Berry Bread Pudding

When I first met Marie with the Penny Farthing Inn, I have to confess, I thought she was “Penny.”  And I kept adding an extra syllable to the end of Farthing, as in, “Farthing-ton,” thinking it was her last name.  I’ve since been enlightened on what a Penny Farthing actually is, but I haven’t worked up the courage to ride one!  Marie gave me a fantastic recipe for a Berry French Toast.  Though, it’s a lot more like a bread pudding.  I love breakfast made in a ramekin since you end up with nice little individual servings of goodness. (Read More … )

pouring beer 2Beer with Breakfast

This was a little outside of my box as it was not an “inn” that gave me the recipe. I found the recipe on Tom’s website, BrooklynBrewery.com . Having beer with breakfast intrigued me. While I have to confess that I’m not normally a beer drinker … this was an AMAZING flavor pairing. Since I couldn’t procure the Brooklyner Weisse, I just had to use a substitute (but still very tasty) beer with my breakfast.  Follow along our fun day of drinking beer and kitchen debauchery.  (Read More … )

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